Picture of Slide show - jQuery psSlideShow - Image and HTML slide rotator

Slide show - jQuery psSlideShow - Image and HTML slide rotator

posted by Pure Systems - 07/01/2010


jQuery DNN Slideshow module

Pure Systems DNN Web Design & Development

Why use psSlideShow?

  • Easy to install and setup
  • 27 different transition effects
  • No plugins required - 100% jQuery and CSS driven
  • Can create image and html slides - image slides can have cool textual overlays positioned anywhere on the slide
  • Can create interactive slide shows with slide navigation buttons positioned where you want
  • Next, Previous and Pause navigation
  • XHTML and W3C compliant
  • Works with DNN v4.9.1+ through to v9+

100% jQuery & CSS

Slide Rotator is a 100% jQuery & CSS slideshow DNN module which allows you to setup images and HTML slides and have them cycled through on the page automatically.

It can be used to cycle through banner images with text, HTML content or through a list of your clients' logos for instance. With the added ability to enter HTML and text for each slide means you can benefit from presenting lots of information to your users in a controlled way. The module generates all the content and places it in the page so that search engines can easily read and index the content, which is fully XHTML compliant.


  • 100% jQuery & CSS - no plug-ins required.
  • DNN v4.0.1+ to v9+ compatible
  • Search Engine Optimised - all the slide content is placed within the page so search engines are able to index it correctly.
  • W3C and XHTML Compliant.
  • 27 different transition effects available.
  • 'Images only' mode with the option of image title and accompanying text overlaid on the image.
  • 'HTML mode' allowing you to enter any html you wish for each slide.
  • Option to make the Image or Title a link to a page, file or URL. (Images only mode)
  • Option to set a running order for your slides.
  • Ability to adjust the following parameters for each module instance:
    • Content type – Images only or HTML
    • Transition effect
    • Width and Height
    • Show text overlay – None, Top, Middle, Bottom, Custom position (Images only mode)
    • Overlay height (Images only mode)
    • Overlay background display
    • Overlay text position, left or right
    • Display slides in random order
    • Pause slides when hovering over with mouse
    • Make the slide title a link instead of the whole image (Images only mode)
    • Show navigation controls
    • Container background colour
    • Title colour (Images only mode)
    • Text colour (Images only mode)
    • Border colour
    • Margins
    • Slide rotation speed
    • Transition speed
    • Include jQuery library reference in page (DNN 4 users)
  • Easy administration of your slides and HTML content.
  • Comes complete with the jQuery library and option to include it in the page for DNN 4 users if required.
  • 12 months of free updates
  • Comprehensive user guide - download guide


Click on thumbnail to view larger image.

Positioning text over images slide 1

Positioning text over images slide 1

Positioning text over images slide 2

Positioning text over images slide 2

Adding HTML Content

Adding HTML Content

Interactive Slideshow Template

Interactive Slideshow Template

Module Settings Page

Module settings page

What our customers say

"Simply great. Everthing a module should be technically and functionally. Quick, accurate response on upfront qualifying questions from PureDNN too. Easy install and config. No technical glitches or clunky manual intervention whatsoever (no renaming folders or adding code to web.config). Truly lightweight and easy to manage, with lots of customization options. What little you can't adjust in module settings is easy to find and change in the CSS file. I wish every module I purchased worked this well and went this smoothly. Thanks." - Fred M

"AMAZING support turn around. resolved my (critical to me ) issue over night my time. Slick and easy to use module that looks great. Highly recommended. " - Greg H


psLinkedIn Licensing

The Single Domain licence allows the Licensee to install this package on one DNN portal using one domain.

The Enterprise Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on an unlimited number of DNN portals which you own or create.

This product uses jQuery under the MIT license. The jQuery Cycle plugin is dual-licensed under the MIT and GPL

Do you offer a trial of this module?
Hi, we now have a demo version available.
Will this module show up on an IPAD since it is not flash?
Hi, yes our module will work on any platform that supports javascript which includes the iPad and iPhone.
my environment: - DNN CE 5.6.2 - Windows Server 2008 R2 - SQL Server 2008 R2 - IIS 7.5 (IMPORTANT!) Has your module been tested and validate in the EXACT environment shown above? thanks
Hi, yes we can confirm it works correctly on this environment. You can download the demo of the module to try it out before you purchase. Thanks.
Does your module load all images of the deck at page load, or does it load the first one and then load the others delayed using JavaScript? The reason I ask is that I have seen large image decks cause the page to initially render slowly as the browser tries to load ALL images at the same time even though only the first one is visible.
Hi, currently the images are within the page source so will be loaded at page load time. The slider will, however, start as soon as the first image is loaded. We are looking to update this so that you have the option of how images are loaded which will be available soon.