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SimpleSignIn 2.4.0

posted by Aricie - 07/06/2022
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    Your forms made simple

    What is it ?

    Because they are exhaustive, form builders on DotNetNuke sometimes make it hard to build a simple form. That is why we created SimpleSignIn, a simple form builder for everyone to assemble the needed fiedls in an elegant layout. Contact, Subscription, Registration, Feedback, Call for Donations forms are made in a few clicks. Designed for non-developers, this module offers a wide range of fields, controls and services plus an intuitive tool box to create forms. Made simple for you.


    • Great choice of user controls - Text / Checkbox / Dropdown List / Radiobutton List / Checkbox List
    • Field grouping
    • Field ordering
    • Mandatory fields (*)
    • Subscription to custom services w/ possibility to add DNN role on submission
    • Creation of DNN profile on submission
    • 'Leave a comment' area
    • Template-based: Contact, Feedback, Workshop...
    • Custom template
    • Custom behavior on form submission
    • Custom behavior on form cancellation
    • "Accept terms" checkbox (option)
    • Dynamic email notification
    • Locale management
    • Google reCaptcha compatible
    • Free online support
    • Step-by-step documentation (need to be registered)


    • DNN 7.4 to current
    • Latest Aricie Libraries
    • Access to web.config to add specific connection string for Microsoft Entity Framework queries

    What's New ?

    • [2.4.0 Release]
      • New: Ability to embed Bootstrap 5 if needed
      • Fix: Display the default message after form submission
      • Fix: Improve settings form behaviour
      • [2.3.0 Release]
        • Compatibility with DNN 9.8.0
        • New: Enable Google reCaptcha V3 in your forms
        • Fix: Fixed issue with submissions without selecting value when forms displays choices
        • Fix: Fixed text disappearing on submit button when submission fails
      • [2.2.0 Release]
        • New: Enable DNN Captcha in your forms
      • [2.1.0 Release]
        • New Notification Rules Manager based on users demands
      • [02.00.02]
        • Bootstrap Ready!
        • GPDR Ready!
        • New: Choose if user message is required or not
      • [01.03.01]
        • Fix: Block user registration when email is already used
      • [01.03.00]
        • New: Display a custom message to users who fail to register
        • Fix: Improvements for the registration of users on multiples portals
        • Fix: Use of DNN RegExp by default to validate emails registration
      • [01.02.04]
        • New: Manage services for each portal
        • Fix: Field validation with Regular Expression string length set to 264 characters
        • Fix: CSS issues on DNN 7
      • [01.02.03]
        • Fix: data are now correctly saved in the user's profile when submitting a form
        • Fix: profile property creation with a length set to 255 caracters and the field name instead of the token value
        • Fix: bugs with selections in the settings form
      • [01.02.00]
        • Selective email notification depending on the user request
        • Customize the prompt value for dropdown lists
        • Html/css optimization of the interface
        • Several critical bug fixes
      • [01.01.00]
        • DNN 6 compatibility
        • Creation of account is blocked if email field is missing
        • History of posts
        • Allow user to receive a copy after sign up
        • Custom behavior after sign up
        • Custom behavior after cancellation
        • Radiobutton list
        • Localized emails