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DNNGo is the best!
Nakisha | 11/2/2015 2:15 AM
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Very nice skin pack and LayerGallery Module! Great job!
Stephan | 9/10/2015 12:46 AM
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I’m a beginner in DNN7 and this product helps me to start with a better look and feel. The service is good and answers are posted within under 24 hours. Only the documentation could be a little bit more go in details (i.e the module xBlog).
Thanks, Keep it up
| 3/18/2015 10:03 PM
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Great skins - great support
Terri | 1/6/2015 8:30 AM
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Love it!

This Skin package features the 'skin plugin' for quick and easy site-wide skin customisations from any page. It has also won me over because of the great many options given in their layout tables. No matter where you want to drop your module, there is a space available, even if you want to put it in a parallax space, or two, all needs are accommodated.

They are also getting very clever with their importable pages and this is this (in my opinion) is where they are really starting to stand out above their competition. You don't even need to have much documentation, just insert the carousel page, and you have all of the data for carousels that you need right there in your website. Looking to install accordion boxes, insert the page and all the options and working modules are right there for you to copy into you existing page and reconfigure at will. Brilliant!

dozens of websites with this Skin Package and all of them will look completely different to the others, but be aware: you can install it on other portals, but you need to relicense the key modules for every instance, even if you bought the $150 version like I did.
Lizzy | 11/27/2014 7:31 PM
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Matteo | 11/17/2014 6:14 AM
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We love this new skin pack with Retina.
Kudos to the Team.
Admin | 7/13/2014 4:13 PM
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My second skin from these guys in the last few weeks.  When looking for a skin I immediately check them out first.  Great features, easy to work with, and support is very good.  Highly recommended company!
Patrick | 4/17/2014 2:11 AM
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