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The module uninstalls itself once it's added to a single page. You need to install it again and again every time  you want to use it.
Documentation is not provided.
Poor customer service
| 5/8/2017 9:10 PM
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Wow, I wonder if you have missed the emails that are sent to you with purchase? They explain how the module installer is used to save the XMod Pro Template, Form and Feed code into your DNN instance and then the installer is removed. Additionally, that text/information/instructions are displayed on the Module before you click the "Complete Installation" button.

Once it saves the files to your system, after that, you work in the standard way of working with XMod Pro, by setting XMP modules onto a page and choosing which templates/forms etc you wish to set for the modules.

Our support email address and my phone number is present within the purchase notification emails, and we are quick (one day!) to respond to questions left in the DNN Store. If you make use of any of these features, you'll find we're eager to help you get the most out of our XMod Pro Module Kits, Custom Controls and will gladly provide both training on how to work within XMod Pro or custom development hours to help get your project accomplished.

Try any of those methods next time, we'll be glad to help.
- Ryan

** OH! and please remember that if you contact support and are unable to use the item, either due to not understanding how XMod Pro works, or a mismatch for the needs of your project, we always offer refunds. All you have to do is ask.